Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a memorial via email or phone?

Whilst we would prefer to meet with you in person, you’re more than welcome to carry out the whole process over the phone or email if you can’t make an appointment! When it comes to forms that require signatures, we will always try and email these, however, we are able to post them if you would prefer.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your showroom?

Yes, our showroom is strictly by appointment only. This is because all appointments are on a 1-1 basis so by booking you in we can guarantee we are available to provide you with our full undivided attention and be able to give you the best experience possible.

What happens if someone else needs to be buried at a later date?

Usually, couples and families may like to be interred at the same burial site. This is something we certainly can accommodate when designing your initial memorial. Any further interments at the grave site will be classified as an Additional Inscription – please click the link to find out more.

Can I order a unique memorial?

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic selection of memorials for customers to choose from. We are confident from the variety of shapes, sizes and colours there will be something you like. There is also the option to add etched and painted designs to your memorial to create a memorial that perfectly speaks to the loved one you are honouring. If however, you are struggling to find what you were picturing we are able to work with you to create something much more custom.

How long will the entire process take?

We aim to make the process as quick and seamless as we can, however, there are several behind-the-scenes stages in creating your memorial and many parts of the process are unfortunately out of our hands.

Usually, the longest wait for any memorial will be awaiting the delivery of the headstone or tablet. This exact timeframe will depend on which material and shape you have selected. Some styles are more popular so our suppliers tend to keep these in stock, but if you’ve opted for a more unique memorial, then in extreme cases these could take up to 24 weeks to arrive at our showroom. We will always advise you of a timescale estimate, and it is worth bearing in mind that most cemeteries/churchyards require 6 months as an absolute minimum post-burial before a headstone can be fixed.

Please read through our Ordering & Timescales page to discover the full process.

How long will the lettering last?

The cut aspect of your lettering will never go away, especially in regard to a granite memorial. With softer materials that are more prone to require machine cleaning, the cut letters can eventually fade away as we must remove a thin layer of the surface on each clean, however, this will take many years until it reaches this point, and depends on the regularity of machine cleaning. In terms of paint, your lettering should hold up an average of 15 years.

It is worth noting that typically any lettering on the face of the headstone will weather much better than any lettering on a flat surface, such as along the top or on a flat tablet stone for cremations.

When can a memorial be fixed at a grave?

It is very important to wait at least 6 months to a year post-burial before installing a memorial and all cemeteries and churchyards will have strict rules regarding this. The ground needs ample time to properly settle before it can handle the weight of a headstone. The wait time can vary depending on the type of interment and the burial location, so we will advise accordingly upon contact.

Some cemeteries may have installed concrete rafters, in which case we can then fix a memorial sooner after burial. It is also possible that cremation tablets can also be fixed sooner.

How much does a headstone cost?

The cost associated with a memorial is dependent on both the material and the size of your chosen memorial. The products on our website show a from price to give you a general idea, but please note these prices are for the exact specification listed. Any changes to size, material or colour can alter the price. We will provide you with a detailed, itemised quote prior to any commencement of work, so you can make an informed decision before placing your order.

All our online memorial prices are inclusive of:
• Fixing the memorial within our specified work area;
• Use of a NAMM fixing on memorials that are large enough to facilitate it;
• 60 letters cut and 22-karat gilded gold;
• OR 120 letters cut only, or cut and painted black, white, light grey, silver or brown

Additional costs involved in purchasing a new memorial include:
• £1.90 per letter after the 120 included letters have been exhausted for cut only, or cut & painted black, white, light grey, silver or brown letters
• £2.45 per letter after 60 letters have been used for 22-karat gilded gold lettering
• A memorial permit fee (see below for further details)
• Any extras to further personalise your loved one’s memorial, such as flower containers, vases, photo plaques, engraved designs or statues

What is a memorial permit fee?

A memorial permit fee has to be paid by the grave owner to the relevant authority in order to be allowed to install a new memorial or add an additional inscription. Whilst all churchyards have consistent fees as outlined by the Church of England, cemeteries prices can differ between each location and differ depending on whether or not the deceased had been living in or out of parish prior to their passing.

This fee is separate from any other fees you previously paid in relation to the interment, and the fee can vary depending on location. We will deal with all correspondence with the authority on your behalf and can advise you on the fee amount. Alternatively, you may also contact the cemetery or church and ask them directly.

What lettering finishes are available?

For new memorials, we offer:
• Cut only (best suited for York, Portland & Nabresina) • Cut & painted in black, white, light grey, silver or brown (best suited for granite, York & Nabresina)
• Cut & 22-karat gilded gold (best suited for granite) – please be aware that most churchyards will not approve the use of gold lettering.

If you require repairs on lead lettering, please reach out to us for a quote. Please note that lead lettering is not something we offer for new memorials.

Can I pay in instalments?

Every quote is broken down into 2 payments. We request a 50% deposit to place your order or book your renovation, and then we will invoice you for the remaining 50% the week your memorial is to be completed.

Please be aware that midway in the process you will be required to pay the memorial permit fee to the relevant authority. This is true for new memorials for both burials and interment of cremated remains, as well as placing a vase or adding an additional inscription. We can advise you further of this cost when we send you our quote.

What is the standard size for a headstone?

A standard headstone overall is around 2’6” high and 1’9” wide. However, we offer many variations in size and are able to advise if the cemetery or churchyard has any restrictions that may affect what you are looking for.

What is involved in fixing a memorial, and what is a NAMM fixing?

Once your memorial has been engraved and the minimum timeframe post-burial has elapsed, it is time for us to fix your memorial at the grave site. We aim to fix the memorial as soon as possible, but please be aware that this is very much a weather-dependent task which cannot be carried out in particularly rainy, wet or cold conditions due to the materials used and the outside nature of the job.

The process of fixing varies entirely on the type of memorial you have opted for, but generally, all headstones will have a form of a concrete base below ground for support. In the case of cremation tablets, it is usually not required to have a concrete base, but in some instances, it may be needed or desired.

At PGH Memorials Ltd we will always use cement to securely attach our memorials. This is a practice PGH have used in the entirety of their trading and does so to ensure the highest level of safety and security possible.

In memorials that are large enough to facilitate it, we will always use a NAMM fixing. This is true for not only new memorials but any older memorials we have to remove for any type of renovation, even if they did not previously have a NAMM fixing.

NAMM stands for National Association of Memorial Masons and they set the national standard for memorial fixing. The process of using a NAMM fixing involves the use of a stainless ground anchor which threads through the base and concrete foundation of the memorial and into the ground. This fixing process helps to protect the memorial from tilting.

Courtney, thank you so much for the work that you have recently completed on my parent's headstone.

I am delighted with it and it now looks perfect again. I would also like to thank you for the kindness, respect and professionalism you have shown throughout our conversations. I would recommend your services to anyone wanting a beautiful memorial for a loved one.

Many thanks again.


Thank you Courtney for all your help and kindness. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. It has been a pleasure for me dealing with a company who are so professional.


I would like to give PGH Memorials a five-star rating.  Courtney was most professional in every aspect of my dealings with the company.  They did exactly what they said they would, and kept in contact through the whole procedure.  The finished memorial stone looks absolutely stunning, and the family and myself are very pleased with it. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing this service. 


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